PC Repair & Upgrade Services

From the early days of PC usage, during the 90s when it started becoming more common for households to include one, we have been working with computers. We have somehow managed to keep up with the rapid movement of technological advancement in this field, where the specs and perfomance found in todays state-of-the-art PC components were only a fantasy when we first started our work with them. Your PC will be in the more than capable hands of our engineers who will give your machine the best treatment possible. We aim to complete most repairs as quickly as we possibly can because we know how important the use of our customers PCs are for their everyday life or business, with most repairs taking between 1-2 working days only.

What repairs and services do we offer?


    no power  Power supply issues (no power)
  1. loading issues  Loading & booting issues
  2. virus removal  Virus, spyware and malware protection and removal
  3. software support  Software support & installation
  4. data recovery  Data recovery
  5. data backup  Data backup
  6. build a pc  Build your own PC (Gaming/Office/Home)
  7. slow pc  Speed up slow systems
  8. PC upgrades  Upgrades

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