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About Us:


The PCCO was founded in late 2013. We are a family owned and family run business with over 22 years experience within two different countries in the computer industry. We strive greatly to give our customers the best experience possible when using our services. We accomplish this through treating every single user individually, we do not generalise our customers. We listen to your problems, needs or concerns and put our utmost effort into bringing you incomparable solutions.

We specialise in repairs for a massive variety of electronics, including: computers, laptops, Macs, smartphones, TV’s and tablets. We also offer services such as IT support and maintenance for companies, shops and homes. Whether the issue is software or hardware related, no need to worry, we have many years of knowledge and supreme skills & expertise, which we combine in order to deliver our services.

Here at PCCO we understand that in this day and age, our electronics are a very important part of our lives, even to the extent that we may find our lives more difficult without them for a number of days or even hours. For this reason, we aim not only to deliver our services at a professional standard and with competitive prices, but also with time taken into consideration. Most of our repairs are either completed within 1-2 business days or same-day.

Why should you trust us?

Our technicians are highly experienced within the trade, they have to cope with the ongoing fast-paced flow of technology in order to be able to keep up with our customers demands. We charge competitive prices to our customers, that are always changing. So it’s best to keep up-to-date by checking our website as we will always list updated prices online, so you can check before you come in-store.

Your devices and data security are of paramount importance to us. The premises in which we work are operated with 24/7 CCTV and are kept secure, so there is minimal risk of theft of your devices when left with us. Any devices left overnight will be kept in a heavy-duty, time locked safe in case of a security breach to protect our customers items further. However as explained earlier, time is of the essence, so we aim to complete most of our work for you same-day, if not, within 1-2 business days.